Not-So-Secret Origin

So, listen… I’m pretty sure when you first heard my superhero nom de plume, you were savvy enough to put two and two together… but I figure you all deserve to hear the whole story.  Or at least, as much of it as I can stomach.  Ten years ago today, I lost my mom and dad.  We were walking back to the car from dinner, and a man in a dark hoodie pulled a gun on us.  Of course, dad being dad, he wouldn’t give the guy what he wanted.  And two muzzle flashes later, I was kneeling in a pool of my parents’ blood.  I may never know why he let me go.  Maybe he had some kind of effed up moral code that said killing a kid’s off limits, but offing her folks in front of her, that’s totally acceptable.

After hearing that story, you might wonder why on earth I would go and incorporate a black hoodie into my superhero uniform.  And that would be a very valid question.  The truth is, the hoodie is a constant reminder of what happened to my folks, but that’s kind of the point.  It helps me never lose sight of why I do what I do.

So, yeah… October is always a rough month for me.  But thank God I’ve got you guys.  I’m not fishing for sympathy, but getting this off my chest like this… The pain never really goes away, but talking about it puts me just a little bit closer to being whole again.  And I can’t thank you guys enough for listening.

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