Rumor Control

The higher profile I’ve been enjoying lately is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, my name is ringing out in the criminal underworld: as long as they’re afraid of me, it makes my job all the easier.  But what it doesn’t do is afford me a great deal of privacy.  For reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, people have started to become interested in every aspect of my life: and moreso than anything else, the gossip columnists and paparazzi are interested in my love life.  Yes, folks, the rumors are true: The Orphan is taken.  My boyfriend doesn’t really like being in the public eye, and I promised him I’d do everything in my power to keep him out of the spotlight.  That was a lot easier to do when we each had our own place.  But since we moved in together back in August, photos of us together have started to surface, and we thought the best way to curb all the speculation was to get in front of it.

Emmett is an amazing man, an ex-Marine who bravely served his country in Iraq.  I’ve seen some pretty horrific scenes in Los Angeles’ alleys-less-travelled, but I know for a fact that Emmett’s seen worse (not that it’s a contest).  I guess I’m just saying he went through a lot defending the freedoms that you and I enjoy, and I think that if he’s not too keen on having his life put under a microscope, we really ought to respect his wishes.

He’s kind of a luddite-by-choice: he’s computer savvy, but he generally chooses to remain unplugged.  He wouldn’t be caught dead on Twitter, and we kind of had to come to an arrangement that he’s going to stop reading the blog.  Not because I’m embarrassed about what I post here, but because he tends to get a little overprotective of me. When some of the internet’s not-so-adorable trolls start savaging me in public forums, it really gets his blood up.  And on the flip side, I think some of my too-adoring fans make him a wee bit jealous.  So we kind of agreed that it’s best for all involved for him to keep my social networks at arm’s length.

So, yeah, long story short: please stop talking about Emmett! As you were.


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