First Step Into a Larger World

I have a confession to make. I frakking love the YouTuber culture. There, I said it. I swear, it’s like an addiction. So much so that I’ve decided to take Out of the Blue to the next level. “But why vlogs, Laurel, I liked the old way?” Well, I’m glad you asked. First off, the written blogs aren’t going away, they’re still a thing. It’s just that, after making so many online friends and having so many awesome discussions here on the site, I want to start putting faces to your names! Putting some of this stuff on YouTube will let you all post video responses, really kick the interaction up a notch. And – sad but true – it’ll let us reach a wider audience. Now all you people who said “I’ll wait for the movie” are out of excuses!

I will occasionally use the vlog to talk about personal stuff I feel comfortable sharing, but most of the time I’m going to be talking about issues that affect me and the people of Los Angeles. I don’t want to get too didactic, but I also don’t want to lose sight of what Out of the Blue is really about. So, yeah… that’s happening. Watch for the first installment later on today!

One thought on “First Step Into a Larger World

  1. Susan says:

    I think it’s a great idea to help these orphans and good that you care.

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